The advantages and disadvantages of a cottage garden

eGardening-Today june 2016A cottage garden is defined as an informal garden with old fashioned flowers and plants. Signature modern cottage gardens will have self sowing plants, bushes and plants spilling off the edge of pathways. Although this style of garden may look like it requires no care, a good deal of maintenance is involved. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of creating and maintaining a cottage garden.


Personalized garden – Each cottage garden will look different from each other. Usually the plants in a cottage garden will change and flow with each passing year.

Inexpensive and Economical – To create a cottage garden you will need a few packs of seeds and some patience. If you decide to spend money on larger plants like rose bushes and flowering shrubs, you can mix your garden with less pricy plants.

Your garden doesn’t have to be perfectly maintained – Cottage gardens need not be maintained immaculately and therefore a few stray weeds are not a problem.


Can look messy – Cottage gardens if not maintained for extended periods of time, can look overgrown and messy.

Thinning out plants – It is important that you thin out your plants to avoid plants and vines moving in on each other.

It can be hard to find space for new plants – Finding space can be difficult as your garden grows. Remember to ensure you have a clear plan as to how you want your garden look in a few months.


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