How to grow lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is an easy houseplant that looks great in kitchens and bathrooms. Here are a few tips to grow and maintain a healthy lucky bamboo plant.

Selection – Choose a plant with bright green leaves and stems. You can also look for plants that have been braided or curled to create intricate designs.

Grow your bamboo hydroponically – The easiest, cleanest way to grow your bamboo is in water. You will need to fill a tall glass vase (avoid shallow bowls) with at least 1-3 inches of water.

Positioning – Place your plant in a space that gets filtered light, similar to the light that creeps through a forest canopy. The plant will thrive in temperatures of between 65ºF and 90ºF.[4]

Changing the water – You should change your water at least once a week. It is best to use bottled water as the plant can be very sensitive to chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.

Increasing roots – To increase the amounts of roots increase the amount of water. The more roots, the lusher your top foliage will become.

Fertilizing your plant – It is best to use liquid fertilizer every month.

Tip burn – Tip burn is when the leaves start becoming dead and dry. Reduce tip burn by using bottled water instead of tap water.

Trimming – Over time your plant can become top heavy. It is, therefore, important that you trim your plant with sterile scissors every 3 months to encourage growth and maintain balance.

Patio Furniture Cleaning Tips

Written by Wicker Paradise

Patio furniture can often get ruined due to the rain, the wind, and the sun. Here are some simple cleaning tips that will ensure your patio furniture is in good condition all year around.

Cast Aluminum – Cast aluminum furniture is often a popular addition to patios. To clean this type of furniture, by spraying the furniture from top to bottom and then rub it with a nylon brush. After which wipe down your furniture with a microfiber cloth. To protect your furniture, rub a coat of car wax.

Cushions – Outdoor chair cushions can often look dull, due to varying weather conditions. To clean them, use 1 quart of warm water, together with 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and 1 tablespoon of borax in a bucket. You will then have to dip a clean sponge into this solution and scrub the cushions on all sides. It is best to leave the solution on for at least 30 minutes, before rinsing it off with a hose and leaving them to dry.

Umbrella – Use a hose to wash down your umbrella and rub it with laundry soap, working from bottom to the top. Hose it down well after and leave it open to dry.

Wicker – Wicker furniture, especially intricate wicker chairs, can often have ants and bugs in the cracks. Therefore, use a vacuum with the crevice attachment. To remove dust, use a microfiber cloth with an all purpose cleaner.


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