2 low maintenance Succulent plants to grow at home


Succulents are great plants for home owners who want plants in their home but are either very busy or forgetful. Succulents need a lot less care and brighten any living space. The reason why these plants are so low maintenance, is because they have evolved with special water storage tissues, which gives them the ability to grow in harsh/dry environments. Here are 2 succulents that are great for indoors;

Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii) – This plant which was brought in from Madagascar, is a lovely plant to give spaces a pop of color. Crown of thorns, flowers all year around and the different types bloom flowers in red, salmon and yellow. Once the plant is in bloom water the plant once the top inch of soil is dry. But when the plant is not flowering, you can wait till half of the soil is dry before you water it. This plant can bloom in direct to medium light. Since the plant’s sap can cause irritation, remember to wash your hands after handling the plant.

Medicine Plant (Aloe Vera) – This plant has been known for its healing properties by soothing wounds and burns. The leaves however are a bit sharp, therefore place it in an area like a tabletop, kitchen top or on the floor, which is not too much in use. The soil should be dry before watering. Aloe vera grows best in direct sunlight. If your potting this plant use a potting mix suitable for cactus. Repotting is only necessary if the plant’s roots protrude from the pot.