3 Tips for Making Wicker Furniture Super Comfortable

3 Tips for Making Wicker Furniture Super Comfortable

Wicker furniture has come a long way since the days of your grandma’s porch rocker. Today’s wicker furniture is stylish, durable, and–best of all–comfortable! If you’re considering adding some wicker furniture to your home but are worried about comfort, never fear. Here are three tips for making wicker furniture more comfortable.

Tip #1: Add seat cushions. Seat cushions are an easy and effective way to add comfort to any type of chair, including wicker chairs. When selecting seat cushions, look for cushions that are thick enough to provide support but not so thick that they make it difficult to get in and out of the chair. You’ll also want to choose a fabric that’s durable and easy to clean. Outdoor fabrics are a great option for wicker furniture because they’re designed to withstand the elements.

Tip #2: Opt for deep seating. Deep seating refers to furniture with seats that are deeper than average. This extra depth provides additional support and makes it easier to recline in your chair without tipping over backwards. If you plan on spending a lot of time relaxing in your wicker furniture, deep seating is definitely the way to go.

Tip #3: Choose the right fill material. The fill material inside your cushions will have a big impact on both comfort and durability. Couch foam is a popular choice for seat cushions because it provides good support and holds its shape well over time. However, it can sometimes feel a bit firm. If you’re looking for a softer feel, down or fiberfill are both good options. Just be aware that down cushions need to be fluffed regularly, and fiberfill can lose its shape if it gets wet.

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