Make Your Own Outdoor Lounge on a Budget

Make Your Own Outdoor Lounge on a Budget

Learn how to revitalize old summer furniture on a budget.

As a project this week, cruise around some garage sales and look for some old patio furniture you can revamp. Avoid anything rusty, so stay away from anything that isn’t aluminum or stainless steel, but you can find lots of pieces for pennies on the dollar right off someone’s backyard. Here are some tips, beginning with ordering foam from Canada, that you can use to make your own lounge.

Ordering Foam Online

Outdoor foam is a very important component. Not just any foam will do. Outdoor foam is specially designed with open cells, providing comfort and preventing moisture buildup. That makes the foam anti-microbial, and safe to sleep on.

If you use upholstery foam from Canada, the couch cushions would soak up the moisture in a rainstorm. Then you’d have a sponge that would get mildew and mold over time.

Make sure you order dryfast, or outdoor foam when you order online.


Canvas is one of the best options you have as a cover for the furniture, but there are custom options for those willing to spend. Your local craft store should have a decent selection of fabric to choose from, but you can also get outdoor covers from a big box retailer. It might be worth paying for material that is waterproof or anti-microbial.

Final Thoughts

Remember to sand furniture down before you paint (on metal) or stain (on wood). It may also be a good idea to treat your furniture for bed bugs and other critters. With a bit of elbow grease, you can have a whole new bedroom set for much less than you’d pay at your local furniture or hardware store.

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