Foam in the Garden

Written by: Foam Factory, Inc

patio-furniture-gardenFlexible polyurethane foam has a variety of uses indoors, but you can use it outdoors too. With some out of the box thinking, you can discover new uses for foam that can revamp your backyard. From patio chairs to outdoor ponds, simple foam will prove to be one of the most useful substances you can use.

Patio Chairs

First, take a chair that’s seen better days and strip it of its cushion. Then, take some cardboard and cut it to fit the seat of the chair. This is your template, and it’s what you’ll use to draw a pencil outline on some wood to cut. With a hand saw, and taking great care on the edges, cut the shape of the chair. Attach some foam and layer canvas material over the padding. Secure with a staple gun to create your own custom outdoor cushions.

Pond Insulation

If you want to make your own outdoor pond, the process isn’t terribly complex. You need to find a safe place in your yard to dig a hole about two or three feet deep. Use packaging foam from Canada to line the hole, then secure with concrete and some metal bars to brace everything. This insulates your pond, which prevents breakages, and helps stabilize the water temperature for fish to survive. You can also have foam sheets custom-cut for this purpose, if you prefer to work with materials better than what you might have lying around.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor foam is different than indoor foam. Outdoor foam tends to have open cells, which reduce moisture buildup, and this type of foam also has anti-microbial properties that prevent mold from growing.

5 Great ground cover plants

eGardening-TodayGround cover plants take the fuss out of landscaping. They are dependable, hardworking plants, that will carpet your garden floor with minimal fuss. They also offer to control erosion for hilly landscapes and thrive in dry conditions, all the while beautifying your garden. Here are 5 great ground cover plants.

Thyme – Thyme is a great aromatic plant that is best grown in borders, beds and containers. The plant features tiny, fragrant leaves and flowers, that can be used for cooking fresh or dried. The type that creeps, can handle a bit of foot traffic. Thyme will need sun, therefore tuck them between plants and stepping stones on garden paths.

Sedums – These plants that have succulent leaves and stems. They grow best in low water areas and start blooming in shades of white, pink, red, yellow, purple and orange. They need full sun or partial shade and grow best in well drained soil.

Hens-and-chicks – This is an old fashion favourite and great in tight spaces. The plants succulent rosettes grow 3-6 inches tall and need almost no maintenance.

Sweet woodruff – This plant grows best in the shade and is great to plant below trees and shrubs. The plant will grow about 6-12 inches tall and when in bloom will have tiny white spring flowers.

Bishop’s weed – This is a fast growing plant and is best for shaded slopes. Since this plant will grow and run off the space, it will work best in a contained area between a building or a paved space.


Cushion Cover Shopping Tips

4Written by Wicker Paradise
Changing your cushion covers can change your living space. Here are a few tips that can save you time and money on your next cushion replacement.

How to Match Current Upholstery Fabric – Getting the exact match of recent upholstery fabric is easier than getting an older fabric. Even if the fabric isn’t an exact match, you can purchase a great looking fabric. For a fabric with a print, select one with strong colours and match your cushion cover with a solid colour. On the other hand, if the sofa is a solid color, you could choose a striped cushion or a textured fabric. For example, lloyd and flanders replacement cushions are a good choice in terms of quality and price.

Long-Wearing Fabrics – Some fabrics will give you longer wear, for example denim, twill, leather and heavy fabrics are best for cushions. For outdoor wicker replacement cushions weather proof fabrics are best.
Order Fabric Sample – Online fabric stores offer fabric samples for an extra charge. This is a good idea, since it will give you a chance to compare the fabric with your sofa. Since computer screen colours can sometimes differ from the actual fabric colour.

Zippers Versus Elastic – Elasticized covers are cheaper than zipper designs. The elastic should be strong enough to provide a snug fit. The elastic should cover the back of the cushion and should cover the back of the cushion.


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