Seed tips that will save your garden favorites

Gardner’s all around the world consider seed saving a wise habit. This is mainly because you can save seeds of plants you love and regrow them often. You may say that you could always buy the seeds you love from your local garden center. However, in some cases, your favorite seeds may be discontinued for newer varieties.

Seeds can only be saved from open-pollinated or heirloom, self-pollinated plants. These plants will ensure that their seeds are exactly like their parents. Self-pollinated plants are the easiest to save and include plants like, Beans, Chicory, Endive, Lettuce, Peas, and Tomatoes. Heirloom flower seeds include flowers like cleome, foxgloves, hollyhock, nasturtium, sweet pea, and zinnia.

To prevent cross pollination you will have to physically separate each plant species from each other.  This can be done by;

Planting only one variety of a species – Ensure that you plant different varieties with a substantial distance from one another. Each plant variety will require different distances from one another.


Plant varieties that flower at different times – If you grow flowers, you can separate each variety with a physical barrier like a row cover or a bag.

You should choose good seeds of good quality plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables to save. Choose plants that are disease resistant, taste great and grow quickly. To catch your seeds, cover seedpods as they are about to begin opening by placing a bag over the seed heads.