How to water orchids to inspire beautiful blooms

Orchids are often potted in bark instead of soil and therefore must be watered differently. Here are some tips on how to water orchids for maximum results.

How to water orchids grown in bark – When watering orchids, you should always water the bark and not the plant’s Choose room temperature water and do not water where the leaves meet the stem. Opt for clay pots, as they are good vessels for orchids since they provide moisture and humidity for the plant’s bark.

How to water orchids grown in sphagnum moss – The best way to water orchids grow in sphagnum moss is to water the plant from the top. To see if your moss is dry, insert a finger up to your first knuckle.

How often should you water orchids – Watering orchids will depend on many factors such as how warm it is, how much light the orchid gets, what type of orchid you have, and what type of potting medium the orchid is growing in. As a rule, water once a week for drought-tolerant types like cattleyas, oncidiums, dendrobiums. For others like phalaenopsis, one in four days will suffice.

Misting orchids – To mist orchids indoors, try running a humidifier in the room where they live.

Adding fertilizer to Water – Orchids bloom without fertilizer. However, if you want to fertilize your orchids, use liquid fertilizer at half strength. Use a fertilizer specially formulated for blooms.