Best materials for outdoor furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you’re looking for something that is durable and comfortable, but still stylish. Therefore, you need to choose furniture that is made out of the finest materials that can withstand the wear and tear. According to Wicker Paradise, the following are the best materials used for outdoor furniture:

Synthetic Wicker

Synthetic wicker furniture is made from resins that are extracted from plant matter, which are capable of hardening permanently. High quality resin material is very dense, so it is extremely durable in all outdoor conditions. This furniture is stain resistant and does not chip or scratch. It is easy to clean, and can be quickly hosed off or gently scrubbed to remove dirt or spills.


Teak is a dense hardwood with a natural oil content that makes it resistant to water, cracking or becoming brittle. Outdoor furniture made from teak wood does not need any paint or varnish.


Powder coated aluminum is an excellent choice due to its highly weather resistant finish and light-weight. This furniture can also be molded into a variety of intricate shapes and painted in any color.

Stainless Steel

Steel furniture is often made of recycled metal, making it a green choice for your backyard. It’s a breeze to clean and maintain, so once you put it outside, you don’t have to worry about it. It can be coated in any color of your choice.

These modern outdoor furniture materials provide high durability for outdoor furniture. You can choose the material that suits your style the most.