How Not to Be Scammed by Unethical Garage Door Repair Companies

If you have ever gone through the nuances of choosing a garage door repair company that overcharged you, performed unnecessary repairs, and did subpar work, then this article is for you. While you may be already familiar with the most common tips like avoiding companies that have bad reviews or startup businesses, there are numerous other ways that you can defend yourself from these unethical repair companies. Here is a list of some of the major thing that you should look out for the next time you are enlisting garage door services in Atlanta.

Take Your Time

A broken garage door is a necessity that needs to be fixed immediately. Street parking for you may be a hassle, or the weather may not be favorable for your brand new sedan. However, this quick thinking may lead you into handing over $500 to $1000 for a $150 repair. Most of you that are reading this will almost always say that they won’t go that route. But, you may consider it once your garage door falls apart and you’re in need of fixing.

Beware of False Pricing

Many unethical garage door companies will target repair work intentionally because the customer are desperate for a quick fix. They also do this because the average consumer won’t know the full cost of garage door parts. Be sure that you bid on a company that focuses on providing a realistic price by comparing one from the other. However, be sure that they provide flawless work through looking at their reviews.

Watch Out for Generic Greetings

Be careful for companies that answer with the generic “Door service” or “Garage doors” greeting. This tactic has been used by many companies that operate under a slew of names so they cannot answer their phone with a specific name. If this occurs, be sure to inquire about their company name. If they balk at that, just hang up and continue your search.

Heavy Advertising Can Be Deceiving

Now, heavy advertising may be enticing when you see the company first thing on your search engine. But just because you see “the best garage door repair in Atlanta”, doesn’t mean you’ll get all the bells and whistles. As a matter of fact, heavy advertising can actually indicate a disreputable company. The company is willing to advertise hard at the consumer in order to have their technician fix your garage. But, this does nothing to advertise their skill set.
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