Outdoor furniture calls for tougher cushions that can stand the elements

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If you have a lovely home with a beautiful patio in front of, or at the back of your house, you’ll find that keeping furniture there with cushions can sometimes be a tall order. That’s because it’s exposed to greater wear and tear especially when it gets subjected to wind, rain, snow, and sunlight. All those elements stack up against your cushions and would give it a very short and very unpleasant life if you use one that’s not built to withstand these. Custom outdoor cushions are the solution to this since these are made to withstand moisture. These dry quickly even if they get completely drenched. A quick search for upholstery foam Canada will yield some very interesting results that include outdoor foam seats and cushions.

And if you’ve read some of the information laid out there, you’ll see that outdoor cushions need to be more durable and resilient if you want it to be worth your money. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that they are uncomfortable because these cushions are tougher. Actually, you will still enjoy nearly the same amount of comfort as you would a cushion inside your home, it’s only that it has special properties that allows it to become ideal for outdoor use such as quick drying properties. Having an appropriate cushion for outdoor use makes it possible for you to put outdoor furniture without having to worry about dirt and bacteria growing on damp cushions. It would also be a plus to put water resistant foam cushions.


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The Cost of Gardening with Artificial Grass

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Artificial grass has become a popular alternative to natural grass gardening and landscapes. Many homeowners love fake grass because it’s beautiful and extremely durable. But a large number of people appreciate synthetic turf because it’s more affordable than natural grass. How is this possible? There are many reasons fake grass is simply cheaper to own than the real deal. Artificial Turf Supply has provided the following ways you can save money when you install fake grass.

No Lawn Care

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t require any lawn care, including water. Water alone is extremely expensive, especially in drought-prone areas. But with fake grass, homeowners can experience a significant reduction in their water bills.

In addition to water, maintaining a natural grass yard also requires regular mowing, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides – all of which cost money. Most people don’t even have time to maintain their own lawns, so they hire a professional to do the work. Whether you tend your own lawn or hire someone to do it for you, maintaining a natural grass lawn isn’t cheap. But after investing money in an artificial turf  installation, homeowners save money in the long run when they switch to fake grass.

Finally, another aspect to maintaining a natural lawn is repairing the lawn when it dies or fades. Unfortunately, real grass simply doesn’t remain green and beautiful year-round. It also doesn’t do well in extreme outdoor conditions, including heat, rain, and heavy foot traffic. For all of these reasons, many homeowners have to pay extra to have their yards replanted and/or repaired. The good news is that fake grass is extremely durable.

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Having a garden despite minimal yard space

Some homeowners aren’t as lucky as others wherein the area of their property wouldn’t be so big that they won’t be able to indulge in a lush garden as much as they would want to. But despite the smaller space you have to work with, you should still put up a garden in your home. Adding some beautiful and colorful plants to your home no matter how small a yard you have will add more aesthetic value and beauty to your home. This makes your home more pleasing to look at and more inviting as well. When it comes to limited space as well, there are several plant options you can look at that will allow you to maximize the space in your garden without having to sacrifice its appearance. Vines are always a great idea, as well as plants that grow a bit higher. Bushes that have flowers can also be a good option especially since its vertical growth and the wide area of the bush makes your garden appear to be larger than the area it actually occupies. What you can capitalize on are plants that grow taller than most other plants. So you can skip on the shrubs and other plants that don’t really grow that high. What you want to pull off here is a garden that’s vibrant, colorful, and also gives your home the appearance of looking larger and occupying more space. It’s really a utilization of the space that you have, so choose your plants well.