Tips for creating a stylish contemporary garden design

If your interior matches a sleek modern plan, you may want your garden to follow suit. Here are some tips to help you create a stylish contemporary garden.

Opt for white – White is an excellent base color, and it matches well with greenery. You can also add texture by painting brick walls and fences white, which will also create a uniformed look.

Use repeat patterns in your planting – Plant small trees, box bushes, shrubs and place them at regular intervals to give order and uniformity to your space.

Create contrast with shapes – Use lawns and paths to create uniformity within your garden.

Plant “glue plants” – These are plants that look good all year round and form a base for your seasonal plants.

Avoid fads – Avoid fad garden designs as they will not match a pared-back contemporary design.

Furniture and ornaments – Look at garden furniture made from natural materials which provide a contrast to a crisp white surface.

Lighting is vital – To complete your contemporary garden consider light fixtures that are hidden from immediate sight. Look at spotlights that bring attention to individual plants or areas of your garden.

Keep up-to-date – Every year or so look at changing up your design look by adding different plants or by changing your lighting.