What Wicker Furniture Adds to Your Patio

Since the time of ancient Egypt, homeowners have been enthralled by wicker furniture’s beautiful, exquisite shape. Wicker furniture has become a mainstay in homes with Victorian, bohemian, or tropical themes. Recently, it has also gained popularity as an outdoor furniture style. The popularity of wicker patio furniture is a result of its gratifying combination of elegant aesthetics and practical functionality for outdoor use.

Outdoor wicker furniture sold by retailers such as Wicker Paradise is usually made from materials such as synthetic resin, which is resistant to sunlight and moisture. Since patio furniture is constantly exposed to varied weather conditions, it must be prepared for any sort of adverse weather that might cause damage. Continued exposure to UV rays can fade furniture colors, while moisture can weaken furniture and provide a breeding ground for microorganisms like mold and mildew.

Fortunately, synthetic resin is formulated to resist damage from UV rays and to dry quickly when exposed to moisture. These properties keep synthetic wicker furniture in good shape even if it is Justify outdoors for a long time. Synthetic resin is also malleable enough to replicate the iconic weaved pattern of wicker furniture. It can be difficult to tell the difference between synthetic and natural wicker furniture, which is a bonus for your patio’s appearance.

Because of synthetic resin’s properties, it is preferable for patio use over natural wicker, which is usually made from plant-based materials such as rattan, reeds, and bamboo. It is also more practical for outdoor use than caned rattan furniture. Rattan furniture may be better than natural wicker at resisting sun rays, but it cannot resist moisture the way synthetic wicker can.