Five gardening tips for beginners

For some growing a garden can be hard work and for others it can seem effortless. If you haven’t found your green thumb yet ,h ere are 5 garden tips that will help you get started.

Know your region – All plants will not grow in any region. Therefore, it is best grow plants that are suitable for your climate and soil type. This will make maintenance a whole lot easier and give you a garden that will flourish. Speak to someone at your local garden centre and ask them what plants are native to your region.

Test your soil – Send a sample of your soil to your local nursery to get an idea of your soil’s PH and nutrient levels. The results will let you know how acidic or alkaline your soil is. This will be a good indication on what type of compost you will need to add to your soil to make your plants thrive.

Start with “easy” plants – Vegetables are an easy way to start your garden, since they grow fast and will give you confidence to venture into other plant varieties. Sunflower seeds or ferns are also a good option, because they grow quickly and require less maintenance.

Create a plan – Create a plan for your garden, so that your plants have space to grow. When planning your space, plant shorter plants at the front and taller plants at the back, closer to a wall or fence.

Keep a notebook – Jot down your plan for your garden. This will help you keep track of your garden’s activity and give you a clear idea of your end goal.