4 Tips for Buying Seeds

Seed catalogs often propose great selections of wonderful vegetables and flowers that can be grown in your own backyard. An advantage of gardening from seeds is that it is an inexpensive and gratifying way to fill up your garden. The tips below might help you choose the right seeds according to your garden.

  1. Read the Label

Labels should also be checked before buying seeds. You would thus be able to know whether the seeds require an indoors starts. Generally, plants thriving in cool weather such as pansy and broccoli would be needing a jump start indoors in order to be ready for spring. Summer crops such as tomatoes and peppers would require grow lights when it is frosty outside.

  1. Buy Extra

Vegetables that tend to grow fast such as radish, spinach and beans are better planted several times through summer and spring in order to harvest them throughout the season.

  1. Be Selective

When shopping around for vegetable seeds, it is better to choose only those that you know your family eats. It might be a waste of garden space to experiment too much with new crops that will not be consumed by you.

  1. Consider your Space

Your space would be determinant upon the type of fruits, vegetables or flowers that you would be planting. For instance, if you have limited space, it might not be a good idea to fill it up with plants such as squash, pumpkins or corn. Vegetables that require limited space are salad greens, beans, peppers and tomatoes.