5 Common houseplant conditions and how to cure them

Plants need a lot of care, and it can be hard to judge what your plant needs when it starts not looking its best. Here are five common houseplant conditions and how to cure them.

You’ve instantly killed your plant – Remember that if you repotted your plant, your plant would be in shock for at least 2-3 weeks. It is best to water your plant as usual and avoid using fertilizer until after a few weeks.

The leaves are dropping off – If your plant is dropping leaves from the center, it may mean that your plant needs more light. Look at moving your plant closer to a sunny window or buy a plant light.

Your plant is paling from green to yellow – If your plant is going yellow in the center and going soft, it may mean that you are overwatering your plant. Firstly check if your plant is draining properly. Have a look at your pots draining holes. If they are too small or clogged, consider increasing the size of the holes or unclogging your pot. You can then consider using good potting soil to encourage your plant to drain better.

Your plant is turning brown – If your plant is turning brown from the tips, it may mean that your plant is drying out and will need more water. Often plants near an air duct will dry out, consider moving your pot to a cooler area of your home and assess its health for a week or two.

Your plant has other things growing on it – If you see webbing, bumps or bugs, it may mean that something is eating your plant. Look at the insect that is eating your plant and determine what it is using the internet and then determine the best treatment for your plant.