Quality upholstery foam for long lasting DIY projects

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

DIY foam replacement projects are fun and creative ways of restoring old furniture. This method is effective in bringing a new life to furniture and cushions that you might not yet want to give away or see at the dumping ground. In order to effectively carry out such a project and to ensure the durability of the results, it is crucial to get quality materials. Since foam makes the basis of most upholstery, it much be chosen in the best quality possible along with being suited for the outdoors.


Quality foam products would ideally be offering an essential property, durability. These types of foams should be able to resist the elements of the outdoors without getting deteriorated easily. However, one needs to exercise reasonable maintenance of foam products to ensure that these do not catch mold and mildew. This involves letting them dry down completely after being exposed to rain or after washing up and using adequate products to clean them.


The ideal foam for the outdoors would need to be fast-drying in order to limit the formation of any bacteria or mold. This is particularly important if you have children that tend to spend considerable amounts of time outdoors. Fast-drying foams normally constitute of a particular open-cell foam that limits the absorption of water.

Choosing the materials used in the creation of custom cushions allows you to go for quality and durable foam products.

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