Electric Fencing For Your Garden

Written by Farm Supply Store

As a fruits and vegetable grower, you might be faced with the same issue that numerous crop growers face throughout the world: attacks by animals and predators. These animals thrive in your crops and might even leave them damaged. A solution to keep them away is by installing an electric fence in gardens and orchards. These have proven to be effective deterrents to rodents. The installation of a garden fence is not a lengthy procedure depending on the size of the area covered. For a garden, the installation can be completed within a day. However, for bigger areas, additional help might be required for the installation to get completed quickly.

Jason Governo has acquired significant experience in the installation of farming fences. The first step required for such an installation would be to accurately measure down the area that would need to be fenced. This measurement would form the basis of your supply list. It will help in calculating the amount of materials and wiring required to provide adequate fencing. An electric fencing professional might be consulted to determine the materials needed.

Next the metal stakes have to be dug to the ground. The ideal spacing between the stakes would be about three to five feet. Once these are firmly fixed the wiring can be threaded. The threading would need to be verified before electric power is released. The connection of the electric box would need to be carefully carried out to avoid any surges. Once the safety inspection of the wirings is done, electrical energy can be plugged to them.

Farm Supply Store provides electric fencing solutions for gardens and farms including the gallagher fence.

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