Keyless Front Door Locks Are a Reality

By now, most people are comfortable with the concept of a keyless ignition system on their cars. All you need to do is push a button and your car starts up. Some cars also feature keyless entry systems that allow people to unlock their car doors without having to fumble for keys. But until recently, there hasn’t been similar technology in place to let people get into their homes without pulling out their keys and unlocking their doors.

This is changing, however, as new technology makes it possible to not use keys to unlock your front door. While some people may not be comfortable with not physically locking or unlocking their doors, the reality is that today’s keyless front door technology is just as safe and secure as having a triple deadbolt lock on your entryway door. These technological upgrades can be purchased and added onto almost any front door as a replacement for the standard key locking mechanism.

One approach to keyless front doors is to utilize Bluetooth technology to unlock a door. An app is loaded onto your smartphone that can be read by a Bluetooth-enabled front door. All you need to do is open the app and possibly enter in a password and your door automatically unlocks.

One of the great benefits from this method is that the related apps allow you to do more than just lock or unlock your door. You can sync your door with your alarm system, keep a running log of when the door was opened and closed and more. Some Bluetooth systems are even able to recognize a person’s fingerprint so that a door can be opened with a single touch — a huge help if you are dealing with kids or a handful of groceries.

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