Artificial Grass Truths Revealed

Many years ago, the synthetic grass products available were extremely inauthentic in both appearance and the way they felt.  Luckily, that has changed in recent years.  These days, most of the artificial lawn products on the market are made with higher quality materials which means they look and feel more like real grass.  These are just two of the great benefits of synthetic grass.  The problem is that most people still picture the old versions of fake grass when they hear about artificial grass.  Below are some of the common myths and the truth about artificial grass.

1) The cost of artificial grass is significantly less than a natural lawn.  True!

Artificial grass products are surprisingly affordable today.  Believe it or not, a fake lawn is much cheaper than all that goes into keeping up a lawn of natural grass.  Natural grass needs a lot of maintenance which can be both costly and a waste of time.  A natural lawn requires regular mowing, watering, and expensive fertilizer.  Also, real grass has to be replaced fairly often unlike artificial grass which can last for up to twenty years.

2) Fake grass has to be installed by a professional.  False! 

Believe it or not, installing artificial turf can be a DIY project.  While it is recommended to hire a professional to handle your artificial turf needs, it is possible to do it without one.  The key is to measure both the parameters of your yard and the turf carefully.  It’s also a good idea to order a slightly bigger order than you absolutely need in case of slip ups.  Most installation jobs can be completed in one day.

3) Artificial grass is designed to withstand time and the elements.  True! 

Synthetic turf products are made to withstand time, pet accidents, and turbulent weather.  In addition to that, they can handle a lot of heavy foot traffic unlike natural grass.  Overall, these products are much more durable than a natural lawn.  Many of these products can easily last for twenty years or so.  They rarely require maintenance.

4) Artificial grass is unsafe.  False!

Artificial grass products are made to be non-toxic so they are perfectly safe for your pets and children to play on.  In fact, artificial grass can even possibly improve your health due to the fact that it will eliminate grass allergies.


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