Keeping Pests Away

Having a garden can be one of life’s simple pleasures. Tending to it can be its own reward, though it can certainly be nice to reap a bounty of fruits and vegetables or prize-worthy flowers. Unfortunately, all of these benefits can be made impossible by just a few simple vermin making meals out of your hard work. If your garden suffers from four legged intruders, keep reading for some easy tips on keeping them away.

All vermin are prey for a predator. Sometimes they’re prey for more than one. Buy urine or imitation-urine of these predators and spread it liberally around your garden. Vermin know what this smells like, because they’ve learned it means danger is near. By spilling the substance all over your garden, they’ll think the same of the area and avoid it at all costs.

Another good way to use vermin’s natural predators to your advantage is by purchasing a fake owl and placing it near. These are very common in garden stores and not at all hard to find. Owls eat such a wide variety of rodents, reptiles and amphibians that most will see your fake version and never come near.

Most fences just aren’t up to the demands of trying to keep your garden safe from interlopers. One fence that will, however, is an electric one. These days you can buy one that’s just the size you need and it will take very little electricity to make it effective. More than one shock won’t be necessary for most creatures  to learn their lesson.

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