Your ideal outdoor living space in 3 easy steps

In summer and on warmer days, it’s nice to spend time in your backyard to enjoy the outdoors. Here are three simple steps to creating an outdoor space that is inviting.

Set boundaries to define your seating area – If you have a small space, look at keeping your space intimate with small close seating. Create boundaries for your outdoor space by using plants or grass to section your space. For larger spaces look at adding decking and comfortable seating that can sit and entertain many. Frame your space by blocking unwanted views and frame desirables ones. If you live in the city and have a lot of tall buildings around your property, look at placing umbrellas, canopies or roofing to create privacy.

Flooring to suit your space and budget – To sit comfortably outside you will need your furniture to be placed on stable flooring. For a natural appearance look at using stone, brick, pavers, concrete, or gravel. Always keep in mind your intended use, maintenance, and your budget to guide your choices. If you have the budget, wood decking is also a good choice. However, remember that wood decking will require maintenance and cleaning to ensure that it doesn’t rot.

Soften edges – If you have a small space and want to create the illusion of space, look at changing your window glass to mirrors to reflect the garden and create space. To soften a stark wall or fence look at growing a creeper that will grow on the space and soften edges.

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