Five ways to get your dream garden

If you are new to gardening but still want a garden space that makes a statement, here are a few tips that will help you create your dream garden.

Start seeds indoors – Starter plants can be expensive, so look at buying some seeds and growing your starter plants. Always be gentle with your seeds and look at spritzing water on your plants instead of pouring.

Sharpen your tools – Sharper tools will work better and also let you be more precise when digging and shoveling. Even your lawn mower blades will need sharpening and tuning up. The best way to keep your tools in tip top shape is to clean them after every use.

Try beginner gardening projects – Container gardens are easy and can give you a feel for how to take care of plants.

Get your soil ready – You want your soil to be nutrient rich to ensure that your plants have enough nutrients to grow. Start off by checking the PH levels of your soil. Do this by handing over a soil sample to your local nursery. You can also buy pre-made soil bags from your local nursery.

Make compost – Compost is the superfood for plants, and you can make your own by using food scraps, leaves, lawn clippings, and other green waste. You will need a compost bin, or you can dig a large role in your garden but remember that it should be covered securely.


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