Why Storing Your Outdoor Furniture Can Prolong It’s Life

Keeping your patio furniture safe and sound is the key to less maintenance.

As autumn approaches, it’s time for you to start storing all of your patio furniture pieces until it’s right to bring them out again. By doing so, you’ll be ensuring that they remain in good condition and free from trapped dirt, bacteria, and mold. Here are some tips on how you can go about doing this.

Cleaning and Storing Your Outdoor Furniture

While it’s just as important for you to clean your outdoor furniture, it’s also necessary for you to store them properly. This way, you won’t have to constantly rub off pollen, dirt, spider webs, and other tidbits off your patio cushion. To clean your cushions, it’s relatively simple. You can use a homemade recipe consisting of mild dishwashing soap and some warm water. Most outdoor furniture pieces are designed to withstand this concoction and it can be used for nearly every piece. Many plastics and resins can be used with the same formula but with the addition of oxygen bleach.

Caring For Your Patio Cushions

Before you go about cleaning your patio cushions and the cushion filling, be sure that you read the manufacturer’s recommendation. Some outdoor fabrics can get ruined when machine-washed and some should avoid excess moisture. Prior to storing them, be sure that the fabric and filling are completely dry. Then, use a clear plastic box or a specially designed fabric cushion storage bin. Be sure that you keep these boxes in a dry and clean environment, like your garage or basement.

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