What is Polystyrene Insulation?

Written by The Foam Factory

Home and office insulation are important, and there are dozens of methods from polystyrene insulation to using recycled fabrics. The insulation market includes both synthetic and natural recycled products that have their benefits and drawbacks. From these options, polystyrene insulation is a popular choice as it is natural material and eco-friendly.

Polystyrene insulation is a rigid form of insulation that is widely used in both residential and commercial buildings. You can also buy polystyrene packing foam, Canada and other parts of the US to transport cool or hot items. One of this material’s benefits is that it can handle extreme temperatures; is waterproof and also reduces noise.  It is, therefore, ideal for homes and offices because it insulates and is long lasting.

For a cheaper option, look at buying expanded polystyrene insulation. This product is less dense and therefore cheaper. However, it will not last as long as the dense variety.

If you have a larger budget opt for extruded polystyrene insulation. This material is more expensive and because of its smaller size beads, it works well to insulate a space.

Although polystyrene insulation has many benefits, due to high manufacturing costs, prices for this product are high. However, most homeowners and builders overlook this cost, as they make savings on their heating and cooling bills over the life of the property. Therefore, think of polystyrene insulation as a worthwhile investment, one that will give you the right insulation at the right price.


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