Plants that require little maintenance

Having a garden requires a lot of work. Constant watering, pruning, and even moving around to ensure maximum or minimum exposure to sunlight can pile up very quickly. A list of tasks to do can take a few minutes per task. But then if you have 20 tasks on your list, those few minutes could quickly spike into an hour or even more. That’s one hour that you can’t get back from your day. If you want to save yourself from this added burden, you’re probably thinking that you should outsource your garden maintenance. That sounds like a great idea, but then you’re adding another variable into the equation – money. If you’re not looking to spend an additional hundreds of dollars to your monthly expenses, you should opt for low maintenance plants instead. Plant things like coneflowers, cosmos, daylilies, hens and chicks, yarrows, and hostas as well. These plants require very little maintenance and are able to survive varying weather conditions as well. What this means is that these flowers require very little from you to be able to bloom. It just needs well-drained soil, and a little check up here and there to make sure that they stay healthy. Other than that, you’re practically good to go. And having plants like these in your garden as well would mean that you would be able to save a considerable amount of time from tending to your garden. That’s an hour or so of time that you can divert instead to other activities like work.

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