Manually watering your garden instead of having sprinklers

Most gardening magazines would recommend that you put in a sprinkler system in your garden so you would be able to water your plants at a fixed time and at a constant amount of water as well. What you might not realize is that depending on your garden’s arrangement, some plants might be getting too much water while others are not getting enough. Plants, depending on what kind you have in your garden, have varying water requirements that you need to take note of. Take note that having a sprinkler on an automatic setting can’t distinguish which plants need specific amounts of water requirements. It is settled that having a sprinkler in your garden truly is convenient, but manually watering your plants definitely does have its merits. Other than being able to control the amount of water each plant gets, you will also be able to do a little exercise by walking around and watering the plants in your garden. Another advantage of manually watering your plants is that you get to do regular ocular inspections of your garden so you can tell which plants are looking healthy and which ones require additional care. This allows you to become even more familiar with your garden so you will be able to respond quickly to your plant’s needs. All you need is a gardening hose and a few tools and you’re practically good to go. Since you might expose your self to the sun, it’s also advisable to put on a hat or apply some sunblock.

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