Planting ferns

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Ferns are a beautiful addition to a home or garden. However, most people may be reluctant to plant ferns as they may think that ferns are difficult to grow or maintain. Here are some tips to help with planting and maintaining ferns.

Best time to plant – The best time to plant your ferns will depend on your geographic location. If you live in an area that experiences cold, wet winters, then you should plant your ferns in Spring. In warmer climates, look at planting ferns in cooler, wetter months as this will help the fern deal with the stresses of summer.

Moving a fern – If you want to move a fern, start by digging a generous root ball around the plant. Then dig a hole the same size as the root ball in the place you want to plant your Then gently place the fern in place and firm the soil around the plant. Potted ferns can be gently coaxed out of the pot. You will then need to shake the excess soil before replanting. Newly planted ferns should be well watered for them to catch root in their new surroundings.

How far apart to plant your ferns – The spacing will depend on the size and the type of growth. Look at pictures of a fully grown fern in the variety you are planting to ensure you keep sufficient space.

Growing tips – Ferns will grow fronds and roots from their stem. Most ferns will have the majority of their roots on the surface and therefore can be easily disturbed by other plants, rakes, and feet.


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