Guide to buying outdoor cushions

Summary: Make your outdoor areas look great with the right cushions. Patio chairs, lounge chairs and benches look great with specific types of cushions.

A beautifully decorated outdoor space is a great addition to any home. We all love to spend time outdoors during the warmer months. Even the smallest space, like a balcony, can look great with the right furniture and sofa seat cushions. Here is a look at some of the options you have regarding outdoor cushions:

Patio chairs

The type of patio chair will determine what type of cushions is appropriate. For example, certain patio chairs will have sections like the back that do not need a cushion. In those instances, you only need the seat cushion. Most other instances will require both the back and seat cushions. Personal preference will dictate if you want to mix and match styles for the two cushions.

Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture. Usually, you see them in larger open spaces or next to a swimming pool because they are larger, take up more space and are much lower to the ground than regular patio furniture. The cushions for lounge chairs come in a large single piece, although you can find separate units. Mix and match these to match any other pieces you have outside.


Adding a cushion to an outdoor bench can make it more inviting and comfortable. Just remember to use an appropriate foam like dry fast foam when the bench cushion is in an uncovered area.


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