Planning a Backyard Wedding

A backyard wedding can be that little touch of home that truly makes your wedding unique. Lots of us have relatives with amazing properties that we can convert into spectacular wedding gatherings. Turn grandma’s lake house into your dream venue with bulk roses, one-of-a-kind memories and these helpful tips.

Make Space

The elements can be an issue for any ceremony that takes place outdoors, but you also need to make sure you have room for guests. If a rainstorm hits, or if you plan to have any part of the ceremony indoors, you must trim your guest list accordingly. You can also create space with tents and portable heaters outside.

Ordering Flowers

You can order flower kits online that include everything you need to have an amazing wedding. Wholesale flowers don’t skimp on quality either, and there are a variety of packages available. You can find bouquets for your aisles, your bridesmaids and yourself all at affordable prices. Just remember to schedule your shipment a few days before the wedding to keep the flowers fresh.

Hire a Coordinator

A coordinator is important to help assess the space and give practical ideas on what can and cannot be done. You might think you know your house, but coordinators know the requirements of a wedding and will be able to help with logistics like directing the flow of guest traffic.

Confirm with the Officiant

Your home may not be a venue your officiant can give a blessing at. Check to see that your priest will actually do the ceremony out of your home.

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