Artificial Grass is Safe for Children and Pets

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Fake turf grass is a very popular alternative to natural grass landscaping and surfaces for many reasons. Some people prefer fake grass over natural grass because it helps to conserve water. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf can look green and beautiful without a drop of water. Other people appreciate fake grass because it doesn’t require the same amount of work as maintaining a natural grass lawn. While a natural grass lawn requires regular mowing, weeding, and fertilizing, fake grass appears freshly mowed and healthy around the clock.

Still, a growing number of homeowners are switching to fake grass for a different reason. Many people prefer it over natural grass because it is safer for children and pets. Whether you’re designing a playground, a dog park, or landscaping your home, synthetic turf can be used to create a safe outdoor environment. Here’s a look at how artificial grass is safe for your kids and your four-legged friends.

Artificial Grass Protects Children from Impact Injuries

When it comes to designing a playground, you will need to find a soft surface material that goes underneath the playground structure. Traditional surfaces such as sod, wood chips, and sand have been used to prevent children from falling directly on the hard ground or asphalt. But synthetic grass is a much better option because it is soft and forgiving. It helps protect children from impact injuries and has been considered safer than the traditional surfaces mentioned above.

Artificial Grass is Free of Chemicals

Although natural grass doesn’t have a reputation for being harmful to children or pets, it comes with its fair share of issues. Natural grass is usually sprayed with all kinds of chemicals, from pesticides to herbicides.  However, artificial turf manufacturers have developed fake grass that is free of chemicals, making it extremely safe for children and pets. Fake grass is also free of bacteria. Finally, children and pets playing on fake turf with crumb rubber infill are also safe. Several studies have shown that crumb rubber infill doesn’t pose any health risks. Artificial turf is also a lead-free material.

Artificial Grass is safe and durable

Although synthetic turf is safe for children and pets, it’s still very durable. Synthetic grass has been designed to withstand outdoor elements including rain, heat, and heavy foot traffic. Made with durable materials, synthetic turf is no match for your dog or puppy who might want to bite through the turf.


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