Masonry Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Backyard walkways as well as patios make a beautiful and tranquil space for the family to spend cool evenings relaxing or a place for summer barbecues.  If you have young children or pets and you have created a stunning space in your backyard for flowers and shrubs, having a stone or brick walkway will define what is off limits.  Building a walkway or patio is an easy project that you can do yourself as part of a weekend project.


If your goal is to have a walkway that is permanent, it is suggested that you pour concrete or mortar down first and then use brick on top.  You can then seal the walkway in place by using mortar to fill in the joints.  If you want to change your walkway design every once in a while, you can pour a layer of sand down to create the walkway design you want and then lay whatever type of material you are going to use over the sand.  To secure the materials in place, you can use sand in between the joints.


Creating an addition to your floral garden can by done by using concrete block that have no mortar.  These are preferred because they are weather resistant and cost less than regular designer materials.  Mortarless bricks are also often used for wall elements to protect walkways or driveways from eroding.  Some people also use these as a wall that follows a staircase leading up to a home or down to a pond.  It creates elegance and beauty again the wooden staircase.

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