How to Choose a Landscaping Specialist

Choosing someone in landscaping will add beauty to your home.  The outside of your home should look as nice as the inside of your home.  A landscaper is someone who will perform a variety of services dealing with your landscape architecture.


First determine what you need a gardener for and how much you can afford to spend on one.  Maybe you just need someone to mow your lawn and do your wedding a couple times per month.  Or maybe you need someone to level your lawn and put up a whole new architectural creation.  Determine what your budget is.  There is no need to create a masterpiece when all you can afford is a flower garden.


The best way to locate a gardener is through word of mouth.  The internet is another way to locate one.  You want to stay away from direct mail advertisers or the Yellow Pages.  These are not reliable methods.  If you know someone that has used a landscaper in the past, ask who they used and if they were satisfied with their services.


Once you have a list of about three or four landscapers, it is time to call and ask questions.  You want to know how long they have been in business, what services they provide, if they belong to any professional landscaping associations, if they are state licensed and what are the qualifications of their workers.


You should be sure to ask for a couple of references of work they have done.  Drive by the locations if you can to get a feel for the work they do.  If that is not possible, you at least want to see photos of the work

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