Cleaning Up for a Healthier Home

Health is wealth, and such a mantra is a great way to live your life. However, with the way our world today is growing, good health is becoming less and less of a commodity and at times is threatened by the ever increasing amount of air pollution we breathe in every day. From the congested cityscapes, to the suburbs where many of us live, air pollution is a threat that cannot be left unguarded.

Stop air pollutants from entering your home by equipping your household with an electrostatic air conditioner filter and help control the spread of air pollutants in your home. With the help of an electrostatic filter, like a replacement Honeywell air filter working in your homes HVAC system, you can stop pollution dead in its tracks with high efficiency filter media capable of straining out pollutants as small as 100 microns. Through the power of static electricity, the electrostatic filters in the filter panel trap dust, dirt, and even biological contaminants like pet dander, cockroach excrement, and dust mites into the filter media, allowing only clean pure air to pass through. By choosing a replacement Honeywell air filter over your ordinary air filter, you not only preserve the health and well-being of your family by reducing harmful respiratory contaminants, but you also reduce the amount of airborne dust, meaning less need to clean your home and your expensive HVAC system. Keep things clean with a quality, high-performance air conditioner filter and save thousands on healthcare and maintenance!


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection, expert suppliers of household air filters of all shapes and sizes.

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