A Guide to York Bonsai Pots

Many people may have not heard about bonsai plants and if they have, they may not be sure what it is.  In simple terms, a bonsai is defined as a plant in a pot.  These plants are plant masterpieces.  Choosing the right pot for your plant is important for the overall image.


When choosing a pot for your tree, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind as far as the dimensions.  The pot that you choose should be the same dimension as the diameter of the bonsai trunk, slightly over the soil level.  If you are choosing an oval or rectangular pot, you should choose the pot length that is 2/3 of the plant height.  For pots that are round, the pot diameter should be 1/3 of the plants height.


The first thing you should know when choosing a pot is whether or not your plant is a male or female.  Some trees are a combination of both but one sex will still dominate over the other.  Masculine pots have an older bark, deadwood, tapered trunk and angular, strong branches.  Feminine plants will be more delicate in appearance, have a smooth trunk, a smooth bark and a slow taper.


Color is next on the list when choosing a pot for your bonsai.  Even though most bonsai trees will look the same, it is important to note that each tree is unique.  For instance, an oval pot with red glaze is perfect for a bonsai such as an Azalea.  Azaleas have large, heavy trunks which are perfect for this type of pot.  A drum pot is most suited for a bonsai species such as an Oak or Hawthorn.


York Bonsai pots make the perfect addition to any yard.

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