A Guide to York Bonsai Feed ..

A bonsai tree is the art of planting a shrub within a small pot.

When deciding on when to feed your tree, note that there are certain times where the shrub should not be fed.  You want to wait about eight weeks after pruning the root of the bonsai before feeding.  If your plants appears to be diseased, you will not want to feed the plant.


Do not feed your bonsai during periods of heavy downpours.  You do want to water during these times, however.  And lastly, do not feed the tree when the weather is hot.  The reason is that trees will not take in feed because they shut down during periods of heat.  With that said, the best time to feed is spring and summer, which are the growing periods.


When talking about what to feed the shrub, there are two things that your shrub needs:  macro and micro nutrients.  If you purchase potting soil, the majority of soils will have enough micro nutrients so you just need to be concerned about the macro nutrients.  The best macro nutrients to use are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulphur.


Plants that lack nitrogen will stop growing as fast and will turn yellow in color.  Phosphorus is important for the health and root growth of the bonsai.  It also gives your shrub a mature appearance.  Potassium helps the fruit and flowers on the plants to resist the cold.  It also make chlorophyll and helps in the making of sugar and starch.  Calcium helps build the cell walls of the bonsai.

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