4 Tips to Reduce Garden Allergies

If you’re one of these people who have to deal with allergies when working in the garden, this can turn out to be much less fun than usual.

Some of these symptoms include a runny or itchy nose or even sneezing a lot when around plants among several others. Of course, there are a number of other symptoms as well depending on the type of plants, the person and the current environmental conditions too.

Having said that, here are 4 tips to reduce garden allergies:

#1: Given that the pollen count tends to be highest in the afternoon in spring as well as early mornings in fall, it’s best to cut down time spent in the garden at these times.

egardening#2: Always stay indoors during windy days as this is the time when pollen travels over long distances or even in areas that are close to home – even a tree in your own backyard.

#3: Given that pollen is one of main causes of allergies, be careful of your pets as they may pick up pollen when outdoors. Also, when you’re done working outdoors, ensure that you wash your clothes and take a shower. Apart from this, make sure you don’t hang laundry on the line during high pollen periods.

#4: If you’re allergic then it’s best to have someone else mow the lawn. However, if there’s no one else, clothe yourself fully, wear a cap and a breathing mask. Also, it’s best to keep the windows when mowing the lawn too.

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