4 Easy to Grow Garden Plants

4 Easy to Grow Garden Plants

Do the flowers in your garden look brown and crispy? Are your neighbor’s flowers continue blooming with color?

This is because your neighbor already knows which flowers are easy to grow. That said, here are 4 easy to grow garden plants:

1: Nigella (Love in a Mist)

To grow these plants, you just have to scatter nigella seed over bare soil. That’s about it. With delicate ferny leaves and jewel-like flowers, this plant is tougher than it looks. That said, as these flowers begin to fade, the plant will set seed for the next year.

2: Sunflowers

These plants are easy for kids to grow. Best part: they will like the Sunflower Mongolian Giant that can grow up to 14 feet tall. All you have to do is grow them in a sunny, sheltered spot and they will grow like no other plant. Also, ensure that the stems have supports.

3: Sweet Peas

Apart from the fragrance, they produce more flowers with the more you pick. While the large seeds are easy to handle, sowing can get complicated. For this, you can buy sweet pea plug plants. All these climbers need is a supportive fence, sunny spot and lots of water. That said, watch out for the snails and slugs as they like the young shoots.

4: Marigold

This flower is an excellent bedding plant and its seeds are easy to handle. Best thing is that they grow fast so you won’t have to wait for colorful flowers to grow. Both the tall varieties as well as the small types can grow in any sunny spot of the garden.

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