3 Tips to Get a Beautiful Spring Garden

Now, that fall is upon us, you don’t have to stop gardening. There are plenty of flowers that you can plant during this time for a splendid spring garden.

Some of these spring-blooming bulbs include daffodils, crocus, alliums and tulips.

Here are 3 tips to help you get a beautiful spring bulb garden:

1: Plants Certain Bulbs in Groups

Bulbs that are planted in the fall look best when the plantings are generous while being well spaced apart. So, plant bulbs such as scilla or chionodoxa in groups of 25. Alternatively, tulips should be planted in groupings of a dozen while alliums and daffodils must be planted in threes even though groups of seven to nine of them look much better.

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2: Select Both Annual & Perennial Bulbs

Some spring bulbs are perennials. Some of these include muscari, daffodils, chionodoxa, scilla and alliums. In other words, these plants will return and bloom every spring. Also, they will naturalize and multiply over time as well.

Hyacinths and tulips are examples of plants that are treated as annuals. Usually, they look their best during the first spring. Apart from this, some annuals such as Darwin continue to re-bloom over the years. So, treat these plants as annuals are and plant a fresh batch every fall.

3: Pick Large, High Quality Bulbs

When you’re out shopping for bulbs, then it is time to consider the size of the bulbs. This is for the simple reason that big bulbs produce better plants with bigger plants too. Also, keep in mind that bulbs are perishable items, so remember to purchase the freshest bulbs possible. Ensure that you store them in a cool, dry place until it is time to plant them.

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