3 Drought-Resistant Plants to Grow Easily

3 Drought-Resistant Plants to Grow Easily

Almost every area is exposed to drought and water shortage at some time or the other. So, it bodes well that you are very careful with plant selection if you find yourself in such a situation.

The best part is that there are a number of drought-tolerant plants that are available in both local nurseries and home/garden stores.

Here are 3 of these drought-resistant plants that you can grow easily:

eGardening-Today1: Daylily

There are almost 20,000 hybrids of this plant with ‘Stella D’Oro’ being the most popular. The colors range from yellow to red to even deep purple. As for height, it varies from 6 to 30 inches. Most of these hybrids bloom once during summer but repeat or continuous bloomers are developed each year. The foliage of this plant remains attractive all summer but it is important to get rid of browning leaves and spent flowerheads.

2: Bachelor’s Button

This plant grows to 12 inches high and wide while its leaves are long and silvery-green in color too. As for its flowers, they are blue and 2 inches in diameter. If you’re careful with deadheading, this plant will bloom from May through to September. Make sure you pull up unwanted seedlings in spring so that you prevent the plant from re-seeding rapidly in your garden.

3: Candytuft

Considered to be an excellent low-growing, spring-blooming plant, Candytuft lasts for about 10 weeks. Its foliage is dark green while its foliage is white. The plants have a woody base while they should be cut every other year in order to prevent them from getting too leggy.

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