What You Need to Know About Compost

Compost is one of the best natural fertilizers and soil builders available for free. Not only can you make it yourself but solve environmental issues at the same time.

Good gardeners have been making their own compost until recently where it has been found to be one of the problems to shrinking space in landfills.

In fact, certain communities charge a premium for taking yard waste or even forbid it. Yet you can produce compost and not have to deal with this problem either.

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So, how does one make compost?

It’s easy and can be compared to cooking lasagna. You can have to add several layers of items and let it ‘cook’.

All you require is equipment such as a homemade container from concrete blocks or welded wire mesh to get started. Just about anything that should help you spread material to about three to five feet across and five feet high.

A purchased compost bin is another option and which will help you speed up the decomposition process of the compost.

In order to prepare compost, you need layers of air, moisture and waste materials which could include grass clippings, leaves, kitchen scraps as well as weeds taken from the garden itself.

While leaving these layers there will enable you to prepare compost over a longer period of time, heating the compost bin to about 140 degrees should speed that process up to about two or three weeks.

In most cases, the classic gardener’s recipe includes a layer of vegetable matter which is about six inches thick, a layer of manure which is about two inches thick and a thin layer of soil with lime groundstone added. This is repeated until the height of compost heap is about three to five feet high. Also, a little depression is made at the top and which is watered.

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