Useful Gardening Hacks

Gardening is undeniably a very relaxing activity practised by many people. However, it might become frustrating for some when the plants are not yielding or responding to the proper treatment. For thousand of years gardeners have planted for food or aesthetics, there are several methods that have been perfected with years. If you wish to make your gardening experience more enjoyable, you might find the below hacks useful.

Use a lemon rind to start a seedling

Gouge out the flesh of a lemon or any other citrus fruit for that matter and the vessel obtained can be used to plant a small seedling. It might be the single strand of a herb such a mint that would grow to become much bigger.

Succulent cuttings beget even more succulents

If you want succulents to sprout, cutting the plant at the base would be enough to make it sprout another plant. You would only have to plant it back in soil.

Coffee Grounds

If you drink a lot of coffee, you might use it in your garden as well. Coffee grounds are effective in keeping critters at bay and they also enrich the soil with the minerals that they contain.

You can use shower caddies to make hanging gardens

If you always wanted to have a hanging garden but did not want to invest in materials or did not have the right ones available, you might make use of shower caddies. By just fixing them to a wall you would get a great hanging garden.

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