Top Boating Safety Tips You Need to Know

Summary: Before going out to sea, make sure you’re prepared for any emergency situation.

Make your next boating experience a fun and safe one. This in-depth guide will break down exactly what you need to keep an eye out for before going out to sea.

What to Bring

For each person on board, you’ll want to bring along a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Keep a minimum of two on your boat at all times – but carry more if there are more passengers. You’ll also want to ensure that each person knows exactly where the life jackets are stored in the case of an emergency.

A horn that’s capable of producing a four-second blast that’s audible for at least half a mile is required – a portable air horn also works. Make sure a whistle is attached to each life jacket.

Before starting your adventure, run through the standard checklist for your boat and ask yourself questions. Is the oil topped off? Do you have enough gas to last the trip? Is the engine topped off with coolant?

Get Rid of Moldy Cushions

Also make sure to inspect the inner area of the boat, if you have an exclusively bigger boat, and make sure nothing is starting to grow mold or mildew on the innards. Many times, boat owners focus more on the aesthetic component of a boat but fail to realiz that the moisture around the sea becomes trapped in the cushions and seats, leading to a significant amount of mold buildup. If any couch cushions or boat mattresses are giving off a strong odor and/or starting to break down, replace them immediately as certain passengers may have an allergic or adverse reaction to the mold.

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