The Lowdown on Envirofill Artificial Grass Infill

When it’s time to purchase artificial grass, you will need to consider whether you will also need to buy infill. Infill in the material placed in between the blades of the fake turf grass in order to provide a realistic look to the fake turf. But not every synthetic turf projects need infill. For example, you don’t have to worry about infill if you plan to use synthetic turf for aesthetic purposes. You also don’t have to purchase infill if you plan to use fake grass on a slope or hill. However, for all other purposes, you will need to purchase the right type of infill for your fake grass project.

When you Need Envirofill

There are two types of artificial grass infill on the market: crumb rubber and acrylic coated sand infill, or Envirofill.  To determine whether you need infill, it’s important to look at both types of materials. Crumb rubber infill is typically reserved for athletic projects and commercial playground structures. If you’re not creating a soccer field or a playground, chances are you will need sand.

There are many synthetic turf projects that will benefit from acrylic coated sand infill. Envirofill should be used for the following applications: if your pet goes to the bathroom on the turf; dog exercise runs; high traffic areas and synthetic lawns; 500 square foot areas or smaller; backyard play structures; commercial projects; retail applications.

The Benefits of Envirofill

Featuring antimicrobial protection, Envirofill is a low-maintenance, eco-friendly infill material that adds the perfect finishing touch to your synthetic grass. In addition to emulating the look and feel of natural grass, Envirofill offers special features you won’t find in the real stuff. Envirofill sheds water, doesn’t cling to clothing, and won’t compact over time. It’s non-flammable and dust-free. It’s also immune to bacteria. Utilizing Microban technology, Envirofill combats bacteria, mold and mildew. Finally, many people love Envirofill because it’s good for the environment. A non-toxic, natural material, Envirofill is also reusable.

The Benefits of Microban Technology

As mentioned above, Envirofill utilizes Microban technology, an antimicrobial feature that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. For this reason, your synthetic turf is less likely to smell, get stained, or get destroyed. How does it work? When the microbes come in contact with Envirofill, the special layer of Microban technology penetrates the cell wall of the organism and blocks it from functioning, growing, and reproducing.


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