How to prune forsythia

Forsythia is a large shrub that can grow upto 10 feet tall and is naturally vase-shaped. Gardeners who are not experienced in pruning this plant will end up with box like squares or a ball shaped bush, that often looks hacked.To ensure that your forsythia looks its best follow the simple tips below;


  • The solution to growing this shrub, is planting it in a spot where the plant has room to grow and spread to a mature size. Make sure you plan out the space in your garden, keeping in mind that forsythia is a tall wide plant.
  • If the plant does get unruly, avoid whacking and shearing it.
  • Prune forsythia after it starts flowering.
  • When pruning, start with cutting the tallest, oldest branches. Start pruning from the outside and move inwards, this will help the plant open up.
  • Cut branches that are hanging on the ground. This will reduce the width of the plant. You could also weed out any branches that have rooted to the ground.
  • Try and remove a third of the old plant a couple of times a year.
  • If you still struggle in shaping your plant, cut it down and let it regrow. The plant should regrow within 3 months.

Although pruning and maintaining forsythia can be difficult at times, it is a very easy plant to grow and it generally takes care of itself. Forsythia is a great plant to grow in a garden that is low maintenance but requires a pop of colour.

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