How to compost?

How to compost?

Composting can reduce your home’s waste and help you refresh your beds, while you help the environment. Most homes will have approximately 25% of food waste, and this is what can be used to compost.

Start with a bottomless plastic, metal, or wooden container that holds roughly 80 gallons. Place your container on the ground in the shade in your yard. You will also need to place a container with a lid to put on your kitchen counter to collect your kitchen waste.

It is important to note that you can only compost fruit peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, and vegetables. You should also avoid adding meat, cheese, or fish, as they will attract animals.

Other organic matter such as torn-up newspaper, twigs and dead leaves, can also be added to your compost bin. It is best to follow a three to one ratio of dry to wet matter to get the quickest results.

Always watch the moisture levels of your compost. If your fertilizer is too dry, add a little water, and if it is too wet add some newspaper or wood chips. To reduce the smell, add a thick layer of dry, dead leaves to the top of the pile.

Most compost piles will take at least six months to compost. You will know your compost is ready when it is a dark brown or black and when it smells subtle and earthy.


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