How does floor heating work?

Written by EZ Floor Heat

Warm tiles thermostat and Tile Heating are but one of the many aspects of floor heating. If it may seem new to you, that’s probably because you may have never realized that such a thing was working behind the scenes without you ever knowing it. Essentially, floor heating is actually done through the use of electric mats, or pipes, or other heating systems that are usually found underneath your flooring. So if you don’t have your own place, you probably wouldn’t even realize such a system was in place to make sure that your floors remain nice and warm despite harsh, freezing weather outside. So, how does floor heating work then? Essentially, the electric mat or floor heating system is embedded beneath your flooring and uses electricity, radiation, conduction, and convection as well. All this heat generated is distributed all throughout the floor in which it is installed to provide you with comfortable temperatures that would make it easy for you to walk over flooring such as tiles and terrazzo despite the cold weather. This allows you a degree of comfort that you would not normally have if you only had regular heating through a radiator or some other conventional system of heat delivery. Other than that, this type of heating also allows you to maximum comfort and space utilization as well since they are installed underneath your floors. You won’t see any eyesores nor any space taken up by bulky machines that simply cannot be hidden in plain sight.


Radiant Floor Heating can help your home tremendously. Apart from heating your floors, it also improves efficiency and even air quality by allowing you to use VOC-free materials.

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