Common regulations for wall mount mailboxes

Common regulations for wall mount mailboxes

Wall Mount Mailboxes are one of the most commonly used mailboxes. They are usually installed in areas where postal carriers travel on foot. Such mailboxes can also prove to be quite helpful for residents who are physically impaired.

The USPS does not have specific dimension requirements for Wall Mount Mailboxes, however, there are certain local codes and regulations that may apply. Following are the common regulations that need to be followed:

It is really important that the customers should seek advice from their local postmaster or mail carrier before installing a wall mount mailbox, in order to ensure proper placement and continuous mail delivery.

Make sure that the flap on a wall mount mailbox is operating smoothly and reliably.

The most important step is to ensure that the mail carriers must have safe and unobstructed access to the mailbox.

Wall mount mailboxes are usually made up of electro-galvanized 20-gauge steel. These standard traditional mailboxes are available in four contemporary colors that also include a durable powder coated finish. It also includes 5” high detachable magazine hooks. The standard traditional mailboxes are designed to be surface mounted. They are available in horizontal and vertical styles.

Decorative traditional mailboxes are also available with similar features. The decorative traditional mailboxes feature a window grid design. They also offer a privacy plate option to block visibility of the mail.

Article submitted by Go Mailboxes. Both standard and decorative traditional mailboxes may be used for U.S.P.S. residential door mail delivery.


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