Caring for your rose bushes

Roses are often considered the queen of all flowers as they are so beautiful and pleasing. They however require some care to yield good blossoms. Rose bushes often require good amounts of fertilizers and might be prone to diseases and attacks from insects. Given some proper care, you can keep your roses beautiful.

Frequent watering

Water your rose bushes frequently, especially in the summer. This plant requires a lot of water to grow healthily. A good watering once a week could be enough depending on your region.


You can fertilize your rose bushes several times during the growing season. Generally fertilization should start at the beginning of spring when the first leaves are coming out. Then fertilize again once the first bloom comes out. Another fertilization should be applied once the second bloom of the season comes out. It is not recommended to fertilize your rose bushes past summer. Over-fertilization might be detrimental to your plant as well.

Pruning your roses

Pruning your rose bushes is a great practice to keep your plant healthy and beautiful. Start by clearing away any crowded area in your bush. This will help prevent diseases. Pruning should be done just above a bud eye, you will find it on the areas where branches usually form. Bud eyes look like small circle swells and can be found just above a set of deep green mature leaves. The direction of the cut for an outward-face bud eye should be down-slanted. To encourage new flowers in summer, remove the dead blooms as well.

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