Basic Gardening Tips

If you garden everyday, you might come across several small issues to which we sometimes have no solutions. The list below might help you in certain situations.

  1. If you wish to remove salt deposits that have formed on your clay pots, you could use a mixture of rubbing alcohol, white vinegar and water in equal parts. Let the pot soak the mixture briefly and then scrub it using a plastic brush. Let the pot dry completely before planting anything in it.

  1. Dirt and soil can often get under your fingernails while gardening. To prevent this, you can drive your nails across a piece of soap. This will ‘seal’ the undersides of your nails and prevent dirt accumulation. After gardening, you could just use a nailbrush to extract the soap and your nails would be instantly clean.

  1. If the line of your string trimmer is constantly jamming or breaking, you could consider treating it with some vegetable oil prior to installing it on the trimmer.

  1. You can turn your long-handled tools in measuring sticks. This would provide an additional benefit of using them and would serve as handy measuring instruments. Using a tape measure and a good permanent marker, you can draw inch or foot marks on the handles of your tool. This would be particularly useful when it comes to spacing plants a specific distance apart in order to ensure their proper growth.

  1. If you are often looking for garden twine, you could store a ball in a clay pot and hanging up and let the twine pass through the drainage hole. You would only have to pull the end when you need it.

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